About Us

The Topaz Roofing

At Topaz Roofing, we provided the community of West Park, FL, with exceptional roofing services. We have earned a reputation for quick, reliable roofing service, for quality work using the best materials and a high level of business integrity. We have a proven track record of completing quality projects. We have also met local requirements for insurance and licensing.
Whether you are building a new house, adding on to your existing home or remodeling we have all the roofing products to meet your needs. We work hard to build a safer community for every business and home we touch. Give us a call at (954) 2815579 if you want to talk to our experienced professionals at Topaz Roofing in West Park, FL.

Our Local Services
At Topaz Roofing, we have worked hard to expand our roofing services. We offer a wide range of roofing services 24/7. Our team at Topaz Roofing only uses insured and licensed experts to maintain our standards of high quality. Every service provider will treat your business and home like their own, to work to address even small problems before they rise into larger costs. When we are on the scene, you can be confident in our inspections, repairs and installation services.

Caring for Our Community
We care for our clients at Topaz Roofing like our family. If your home is in need of roof replacement or repairs, you can talk to one of our professional roofers about your needs. Don’t settle for a non professional job that could leave your business or home exposed to dangerous leaks and repeated repair costs. Call Topaz Roofing in West Park, Fl, to ensure that your roofing system receives expert and long lasting repairs and installation. Talk to us at 954-281-5579.